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get ready to dance!  get ready to sing!

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ROCnRoll.com - Home of Rock-It Science


get ready to remember when it was all about the music!!


It’s the Rock-it-Science Classic Rock and Roll Experience


Do you like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Doors and the Eagles?

So do we!!

How about James Brown, Jackson Browne, Jimmy Buffet, Bon Jovi, Santana Green Day, Lit and Three Doors Down?

We Perform songs from these bands and many more.

If it gets a little rowdy, we will fire up some ZZ Top and AC/DC!!


Everyone likes a good time. Everyone likes to tap their feet, feel the Beat and Dance to the songs they know and love. With an ever expanding song selection featuring over 100 tunes spanning 50 years of Rock and Roll, Rock-it Science delivers the songs you love, with feeling and intensity propelled with a party attitude. From Blues to Reggae, to POP and Rock.


Because you are never too young…or too old,

Rock-it Science brings you the very best Classic Rock & Roll.