Get ready to remember

when it was all about the


2016 argyle

Lifelong Musicians Rockin' Western NY For Over 20 Years!



performs over 140 songs

from over 80 of your favorite bands spanning the last 6 decades.

The material ranges from Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Americana, Country, Rhythm and Blues and Dance music. In addition to their unique renditions of cover material, They also feature a growing number of original tunes which have great audience response everywhere they perform.

Staffed with 5 professional musicians Rock-it Science members have over 150 years of stage performance experience and understand how to get a crowd to loosen up and have fun. The band believes music is all about having fun and enjoying the day. They always encourage audience participation weather it’s dancing or getting up to sing along with the band.

Rock-it Science knows all venues are different. Some want a loud Rock show, some want an acoustic show….some want a little of both. We always do our best to deliver what the venue needs.

After all…it’s not Rock-it Science,

It’s just Roc-n-Roll…. And,….Roc-n-Roll will  Soothe your Soul!