Steve Wheeler


Guitar, Vocals

 Steve Wheeler is the multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/producer and founding member of Fairport based party band, Rock-It-Science. Formed in 1999, Rock-It-Science has played for thousands of fans at over one hundred venues from corporate parties, to festivals, to clubs, bars and private parties. As Steve puts it, “It’s all about having fun!” Steve got his start at thirteen and hasn’t stopped since. Forming several successful bands in northern New York, Steve played in front of thousands with Wolfe, Flywheel, Hot Sand and Over Easy. Over Easy opening for several national acts including Papa John Creach and James Montgomery. With influences ranging from Carlos Santana, Richie Blackmore and George Benson, Steve has developed his own style that is at once unique and recognizable- not an easy feat.


Favorite Tracks

Orin Strowe


Drums, Vocals

Orin is one of the founding members of Rock-it-science. He  began singing and playing drums back in the 60's (that's the 1960's). In 2015 he took over the lead vocals for the band. Orin still adds percussion on may tunes with a six pad electronic set. Orin has played countless Clubs and events all over New York state and Eurpoe..  His high school band was called "Jason" (I'm sure the name is as relevant today as it was then). In that band was his brother, Paul (a famous local musician), another guy and John Vyverberg; a former Rock-It Science member.  

God help us, Rock-It Science would not be the same without him. He and Steve are the only founding members of R-IS still with the band. Where the band is concerned, you could say that the sum of the parts are greater "as a hole", er, or something like that. He is married with 3 children. If you want to know more about him personally, just ask him. He'll tell you. U huh, yeah, he'll tell ya.       

Favorite Tracks

  1. Who Says You Can't Go Home (Bon Jovi) by Rock-it Science
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    4:37 minutes (10.57 MB)

Charlie Avino


Drummer, Vocals

Drummer/songwriter Charlie Avino has been gigging since the fifth grade with his band, The Underdogs. In college Charlie played with the bar filling ERB, once setting a crowd record for SUNY Brockport’s infamous Spring-In. In California Charlie joined Rick Gazley’s Blue Zoo Revue sharing the stage with Johnny Winter and Albert Collins among others. Back in Rochester Charlie co-founded the alt-country favorites, Whiskey Road, playing all the major venues and festivals. Having just finished a four year gig with the Brothers From Other Mothers while also gigging occasionally with Finger Lakes favorites, DILF, Charlie is in pre-production with his second album with Cherryday following the success of the band’s first, Last Night.

Favorite Tracks

Joel Richter

Joel Richter


Joel is a keyboard player and vocalist for Rock-it-Science.

He started playing keyboards with popular bands in The Rochester area as a teen ager. He was in numerous bands and has performed in front of thousands of people over the years.

He has a passion for playing the Hammond B3 organ, which we bring to the gigs with the large stages! Joel is a recording studio technician and has worked in Audio production at some major studios for many years, doing recording and live sound engineering.

As a lover of the Blues and R&B ,Joel adds a tasteful sound and talent which completes the Rock-it-Science sound.  On one song you may here the B3 ripping it up, and on the next you may hear the sound of steel drums from his Yamhaha synth. On the next the sweet sound of a Honky Tonk Piano. Joel brings some real dynamics to the band.

Dan Walker

O' Danny Boy and his little lassy, Lindsey.

Bass Guitar, Vocals

Dan has played and worked with several bands around Rochester. Most notably was 2nd Street, which he played bass for from 1989-92. He also worked for the Skycoasters from 1984-88 doing lighting and stage set-up. Having played bass since 1976, he realized that there's other instruments, too. So he also plays some guitar and plunks at the keyboard (but not in public). Other than rock-n-roll, Dan also sang tenor (that's the really high part) in a barbershop quartet called Flower City Express. Whatever time is leftover he spends with his wife, Linda and their daughter, Lindsey.

Having played bass since the mid '70s, he was looking for a rockin'- great band to play with. Answering a pull-tab ad in a local music store, he found Rock-It Science. The rest, as they say, is history. He is still suprised today when they ask him to come back for auditions, er, a ,to rehearsal.  RI-S truly is the band that he was searchin' for. Music is a big part of what makes him who he is today. Keep on rockin' in the free world. Peace.

Favorite Tracks

Honorary Rock-it Scientists

Nick Vecchioli

Nick Vecchioli

Drums, Guitar, Vocals

Well there is nothing like playing real rock and roll…in a real Rock and Roll Band!!!  I am thankful that I have been chosen to be the new addition to Rock-it Science.  I have been playing drums for 30 years on and off…. Lately mostly on! After a long hiatus thru the 70’s and 80’s I was asked to play with a longtime friend and brother of our awesome lead singer Orin…and a local legend, Paul Strowe.  Rekindling some old chops and a new drum kit it all started again in the late 90’s playing rock and roll again… Oh Yeah!


After seeing Rock-it Science at a few gigs and being asked to “sit in”… something I love to do… I was called for the job…. I am honored to be chosen to be the new drummer for the band…


I have been a music lover ever since I could twist a knob on a transistor radio. My influences are diverse and mostly classic rock, like Jethro Tull, The Kinks, The Stones, The Beatles, the Eagles and even James Taylor and  CSN.


I hope to add a solid back beat to the band and play a solid grove for every tune…recently I have started to play some guitar and am pleased to see the guys in the band open to doing some acoustic tunes… so I look forward to being out front and a part of the “acoustic” sound of Rock-it Science too. 


I currently own and run an Audio and Video Custom installation business in Canandaigua NY… that all stems from my love of music.


SO…. Come on out and rock and roll with us some night, the band is tight and fun… “a splendid time is guaranteed for all”.

John Graham

Highland Bowl 2015


John has recently joined Rock-it-Science. John has played in a wide variety of  bands and is well versed in Metal, Hard Rock, Country music and everything in between. He is a powerhouse on the skins!! 

Ted Wurzburg

Ted Wurzburg

Banjo, Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals

Ted is the latest Scientist to join the band. he plays guitar, Keyboards, sings and picks a mean Banjo. Ted has played in many bands over the years and recently was gigging with the Stray MUles.